Adam Levine and Coco Hopalena make two..only TWO! Adam’s gettin’ neutered.

adam 1

Nature or nurture? Oh Nurture for sure .

Have you had that moment where you didn’t quite think things through and said “yes” to your kids when maybe “no” was the better choice? Oh, I have plenty of times. Most currently, when we purchased two cute, little bunnies around easter time for my twin 9 year old girls.

We were on our way to the zoo to look at animals when we saw an elderly gentleman on the side of the road with a hand written sign on cardboard that said “Easter Bunnies”. Oh yea… we pulled over and looking back, we should have probably hit the gas and bribed them with ice cream.

Now, we have two bunnies, one girl (Coco Hopalena) and one boy (Adam Levine).  We were not planning on breeding them by choosing opposite sexes, we just couldn’t tell what was what at the time of purchase and threw caution to the wind. No surprise at the “wellness” check – I guess this was a 50/50 chance. What breed you ask? Roadside bunnies or A.K.A. meat rabbits….no pot or pan for these two.

adam coco

Bunny love

I was thinking, “how difficult and expensive can two rabbits be”. I had a rabbit as a child and it lived to around 3-4 years old in the backyard. Well, that was a long time ago folks and rabbit care has been well researched and improved upon since that time. They need special hutches (apparently “meat” rabbits get fairly large and have already grown out of hutch #1). The eat unlimited hay, and mind you, I think they could compete with a Clydesdale horse for their daily intake of hay. This also causes a lot of waste, good news, they can be litter box trained. Next fact, rabbits are temperature sensitive and could overheat if the temp goes over 85 degrees and of course, we live in South Carolina (we combat this with two fans or we take them inside). Additionally,  it is highly recommended they be spayed or neutered to avoid bad hormonal behavior and it wards against certain types of cancers. It makes me wonder how these creatures survive in the wild, but they do and flourish in South Carolina – are those burrows air conditioned?

Now, if you take premium care of your bunny, it could live up to 12 years. Yes, 12 YEARS! I did not think I was making a commitment where my kids will leave for college before these guys expire.  We have already discussed the bunnies WILL go to college if they are so lucky (the rabbits, not the kids).

All in all, the bunnies have turned into loving pets and have hopped into our hearts. But, as the title describes, Adam Levine will be neutered today and no one will be breeding like rabbits in our household.

adam 2

He looks a little grumpy and sad this morning…Please wish him luck.

As far as products go for bunnies, I cannot find better hay to feed than than Oxbow timothy hay. Some of the quality varies per bag, but most of it is not dried out brown or dusty. Although, it is more expensive, it is less money than a trip to the vet for bunny belly trouble or a respiratory problem.




Drink Water for your Health…So much water, so little time…


Feel like you need to drink this daily?

To increase health benefits you are supposed to drink 8 ounces of water 8 times per day. That equals half a gallon which sounds like a daunting amount of water that will make my stomach slosh. I actually forget to drink water through the day which is my biggest downfall to help me with this health benefit. If I go to my refrigerator to get water…..items other than water seem to come out…like, sweet tea, lemonade, soda, or maybe even cheese. Here is my simple solution as well as product review….

water jug 2I use a beverage dispenser full of water on my counter that I can easily access. I also place paper cups and a sharpie for my kids to use next to it as well. Why does this matter you ask? Because it is a jug of water staring at me when I walk into the kitchen. It reminds me as well as guilts me into drinking more water. I think of it like a nutritionist sitting on my counter with a water bottle in her hand. I purchased the Mainstays 1 Gal Sun Tea (beverage dispenser) from Walmart which was only $7.40. It looks cute on the counter and my kids can easily use the spigot without me wondering when I will clean up broken glass and a gallon of water off of the kitchen floor.

This is a very simple tip, but it actually has helped increase my water intake. One small healthy step at a time will hopefully one day add up to big leaps.

drinking game

Really? A fun water drinking game? Hmmm..not so sure.

What tips do you have to help drink more water throughout the day?